Valued Clients

We could not manage reporting of our marketing people before implementing this system. By using this application we are now getting all information like Attendance, Place visited, Report on Visit of Doctors, Images from our Head Office. TechnoPurple is a good solution for GPS tracking.

Niraj Mishra Veritas Bioventions Pvt. Ltd

Our requirement for tracking the movements of our vehicles and personnel for the purpose of monitoring has been completely sorted out with the help of your services.The portal, app and the support team has been extremely efficient in resolving all our issues in a timely manner.Such a user friendly and economical option is always appreciated and would be recommended.

Chaitanya Raju Uppalapati Sagi Seeds Pvt Ltd

TechnoPurple app is very convenient for tracking geography, capturing images, and to some extent GPS based reporting as well. Company's can have customised options like not to track after office hours. After some time the employees are used to it and there is more trust backed with transparency. This surely increases overall efficiency of the team. TechnoPurple app is user friendly and TechnoPurple has pretty good team for after sales service so need not worry about any technical concern for educating the team. Using Technopurple In case of crop related problem. The field executive can take a photo and share with our R & D person who may be sitting abroad. He can visualise the location and share his comments for it. Tracking the outdoor employees for increasing the efficiency through better analysis of travel time, controllable geography allocation etc. I will say, TechnoPurple has resolved all the above issues fully.

Sachin Thorat Soufflet Group

We always wanted to track our staff on field who are delivering short training at various locations. We have opted for TechnoPurple Mobile Tracking Solutions to track our trainers on field and found it very effective. We can capture image onsite with Geo-tagged facility. We can also track trainers movement remotely using web application. Over all TechnoTracker is a cost-effective, easy interface and smart tracking system.

Vikram Kumar RuralShores Business Services
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