Now you can ...with effy Indoor !

Application Features


Capture Attendance when employee reports to designated area in office

Real time Monitoring

View all employees on floor plan map with 2 metre accuracy

Historic Replay

Replay path to see movement of employee between selected time

Entry – Exit Alert on Marked zones

Mark rooms or areas with boundaries on the map, SMS alert is sent on configured supervisor numbers

Idle Alert

Auto alarm / SMS alert on idle after designated time


Ensure tasks done at designated area only with photo proof

Device Features

  • 5+ Years Battery Life
  • Wireless , No Infrastructure changes required
  • Embedded Temperature sensor
  • Embedded Light sensor
  • Hardware level password to prevent tampering
  • Configurable time and density for different business requirement
  • Fine tuned antenna, optimized transmit strength to cover large area.
  • FCC/CE Certified


  • Floor Plan
  • Android Smart Phone with Internet Plan
  • Beacons depending on area (minimum 4 per room)
  • Internet enabled PC or Phone for monitoring

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